Removing Database Control (dbconsole) from a database

Oracle Database 10g introduced Database Control (dbconsole) to aid in day to day administration tasks and monitoring. When building a database for use as a repository for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control or the recently […]

Quick Manual Database Creation

Using Oracle Managed Files you can quickly create a database manually with very little upfront effort. Oracle Managed Files greatly simplifies the database creation process because all that is needed is the location in which […]

Read–Only Tables in Oracle Database 11g

Prior to Oracle Database 11gR1 in order to create a read only table you had to employ clever uses of triggers, constraints or other methods to prevent the data from being changed. In many of […]

Automating Database Startup/Shutdown on Oracle Enterprise Linux

Oracle provides the ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbstart and ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbshut scripts that can be used to start the the databases when the Operating System boots and to stop the databases when shutting down the Operating System.

Creating a Database using Database Configuration Assistant

Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) provides a graphical interface for database creation and database configuration. This document will detail the creation of a database using the Database Configuration Assistant. The screen shots in this document were […]

Clone a Database to Another Host using Enterprise Manager 11gR1 Grid Control

This document will detail the steps to clone a database to another host using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11gR1 Grid Control.

Deferred Segment Creation

Starting with Oracle Database 11gR2 when you create an empty heap organized table in locally managed tablespace segment creation is deferred until the time in which the first row is inserted. Segment creation is also […]

Multiplexing Control Files

This document will detail multiplexing of control files. Having multiple control files reduces the risk of control file loss due to corruption or accidental removal. In the case of corruption or loss recovery is no […]

Multiplexing the Redo Log Files

To protect against failure of the redo logs, Oracle allows redo logs to be multiplexed. With multiplexed redo logs two or more identical copies can be placed in separate locations. The log writer process (LGWR) […]

Moving/Renaming Redo Log Files

It is possible to move/rename the online redo logs should the need arise. This document will detail the steps required to move/rename the online redo logs in an 11gR2 environment on Linux. These steps also […]

Moving/Renaming Datafiles While the Database is Online

It is possible to move and or rename datafiles while the database is online provided the tablespace in which the files belong is a non SYSTEM tablespace and does not contain any active ROLLBACK or […]

Moving/Renaming Control Files

It is possible to move/rename the database’s control files should the need arise. This document will detail the steps required to move/rename the control files in an 11gR2 environment on Linux. These steps also apply […]

Setting up RMAN for backup and recovery using Database Control

Using Database Control you can configure RMAN to back up you database to disk or tape with relative ease. This document will detail how to configure RMAN for disk based backups and perform a backup.

Database Control (dbconsole) will not start

A common problem with 10g and higher database is that Database Control fails to start after installation. This more common on desktop and laptop installs but the resolution is the same.