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Over the years I have been exposed to nearly all pieces of the core Oracle technology stack in development and production environments. Just like every other DBA, I have been in situations where I have had to quickly put something together so developers could test new features or functionality with little to no notice.

The Oracle Documentation set is my first source in finding information on how to setup or configure Oracle products but sometimes I just need a step by step document to get up and running quickly. The Internet is the next source for information. The drawback of the Internet is that once I think I find that right site my search might not be over. Many companies have Internet usage policies that block URLs with the words “blog”, “blogger”, “wordpress” in the URL or the sites contain so much advertising that actually finding the content is overly distracting if not difficult.

On this blog you will find posts that detail the steps to accomplish many tasks using Oracle’s products. The purpose of the posts is to help you get something put together quickly in your development or test environments. While your developers are pounding away you can spend some time with the docs to get more in depth information.

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Eric Jenkinson

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